When Should I Clean Out My Gutter?

When Should I Clean Out My Gutter?

Plan to clean your gutters regularly, taking into account your area’s weather, nearby trees, and any visual problems. If you need assistance with your gutters, L & J Gutters can help with our complete gutter services.

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Regular Maintenance

Planning for a gutter cleaning twice a year will keep water flowing, prevent damage to your home, and extend the life of your gutters. It will prevent possible problems from long-term debris build-up or small gutter damage from becoming a major water damage problem. L & J Gutters includes gutter repair as part of our all-inclusive gutter services.

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Gutters can be damaged by severe weather. You will want to plan to inspect and clean any debris from your gutters before heavy rain begins. In Florida, that means the end of spring or early summer. It also means the safest time is early morning before the heat. This is also a time to check for potential repairs.

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Trees can lead to blocked gutters from their leaves or branches clogging the gutters. Plan gutter checks and clean out more frequently if your home is surrounded by trees. Especially if you do not have leaf grates installed.

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Gutter Problems

Check for problems after any heavy rain. If water is not flowing from the downspout, but overflowing from anywhere, you might have a clogged or damaged gutter. Hornets, wasps, and other animals can also decide that the gutter is a safe place to build their home. Gutters can become damaged by trees, weather, and roof repairs.

Regular gutter cleaning ensures the gutters are not blocked by debris, become damaged, and can flow properly. It can be done safely by the homeowner but L & J Gutters can take care of your gutter cleaning needs. Contact us for a free estimate!

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