Four Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Gutter

In an environment like Florida's, gutter systems face a lot. From rainfall to humidity, the best way to keep your system in top shape is by investing in regular maintenance and gutter cleaning services. But there are also times when the best option is to simply replace your gutter system altogether. At L&J Gutters, our Top Rated Local® gutter experts specialize in seamless gutter protection, repair, and maintenance. Read on and contact us today to learn about four signs that it might be time for you to consider replacing your gutter replaced.

leaves on gutter

Consistent Build-Up

One of the main indicators that it is time to consider gutter replacement is consistent build-up. Whether your gutter system has become clogged with debris, or if you are noticing a build-up of rust and other signs of wear and tear, you may require gutter services such as a replacement.

leaking gutter


Another common sign that your gutter system needs to be replaced is leaking. Leaks can occur for a number of reasons, including rust, holes, or damage to gutter system components. Leaks can also lead to further gutter damage, so it is important to address the issue as soon as possible by hiring the help of gutter contractors.

gutter damage

Visible Damage

When gutter systems are not properly maintained or when they are installed incorrectly, they can often start to show signs of damage. Whether your gutter system is sagging, dented, or has holes in it, a gutter replacement can help restore the look and functionality of your gutter system. With our half-round copper gutters, you can be sure that your gutter system will look beautiful, last for years to come, and stay functional in Florida's harsh weather.

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Lack of Draining

If your gutter system is not draining properly, gutter replacement may be the best solution. Whether you are noticing standing water or gutter systems that don't seem to be performing their intended purpose, a gutter replacement can help.

At L&J Gutters, we are gutter experts who offer gutter replacement services for homes and businesses throughout Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, Freeport, Defuniak Springs, and all of Walton, Okaloosa, and Bay Counties. Contact us today to learn more about gutter replacement or schedule gutter protection services.

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