Half-Round Gutters Full of Leaves

Do You Know How Often to Clean Your Gutters?

Even in the midst of fair weather, many people are surprised to find that their gutters have been clogged and backed-up with debris that renders the system all but useless. With blocked gutters, rainwater has nowhere to go but over the sides where it can pool along your home’s exterior. While a few puddles of rain aren’t bad in and of themselves, if too much water accumulates it can cause damage to your foundation. Clogged gutters can also be a detriment to your home itself. For these reasons, it’s important to have your gutter system cleaned regularly.

In a Perfect World

Ideally, your home’s gutter system should be cleaned no less than twice a year. However, if your home has a history of gutter issues, it would be wise to have the system cleaned more often. All that matters is making sure that your gutters are free and clear of any debris so that they can continue to work properly and protect your home the way they were intended to. It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for any wildlife activity, as small animals like birds and squirrels have been known to nest inside home gutter systems.

I’ve never had problems with my gutters, so they are fine.

That’s a myth. Many people make the mistake of thinking that because they have had no trouble with their gutters in the past that they are safe to forego cleaning. We hate to disagree, but all boats seem sound until you get them out to sea. Your gutters might be doing alright one day, but when the heavy rains come will they stand up under pressure? Take it from us, you don’t want to discover a major blockage in your gutter system in the middle of torrential rainfall; by then it will be too late to do anything to fix the problem and it can cause unwanted and costly damage to your home.

Potential Damage

Heavy rain and runoff can damage your home, inside and out, as well as your foundation. Water that pools alongside the base of your home can potentially cause water damage to the siding at ground level, and it can also leak into cracks in your foundation which can be a major problem down the road. If you have a basement, water leaking in from the ground outside can lead to water-damaged walls and mildewy basement carpet that can be difficult and expensive to replace. Overflowing water can also seep into the upper levels of your home, causing damage in attic spaces and potentially the growth of harmful molds and bacteria.

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