beautiful gutters

Lillie Wycoff, Destin, FL

I called L & J Gutters Monday June the first. Jeffrey said he would be out at about noon the next day to measure our roof and would write out an estimate, his crew was on a job but would come during his lunch break. Tuesday he pulled up at the house at about 11:55. His a nice guy, clean cut, and friendly. He got right to work. He drew up the proposal, and gave us the cost. We thought and still think it was about right. I asked him when he thought he would be able to do our house. He said “Why tomorrow ma’am. Is that all right with you?”

He and his crew got here about 11:00. The job was done in about 3.5 hours. It looked great. I could not even tell that a work crew had been there, except of the beautiful gutters we now have. It rained a few days later. The gutters worked like they should. My advice is to hire them. I think Jeffrey Dangerfield is a hard-working and honest man.